Castle Age: Interregnum

Real-Time Strategy & Build-up Simulation

Castle Age will be set in the 11th century in the heart of Europe. Similar to Stronghold, you will produce resources and build a castle. During battle, you will have formations and morale and other tactical warfare effects as you may know from Medieval: Total War. Overall, the gameplay should be minimalistic and polished as in Age of Empires II. And all this will be placed in a living 3d real-time world with simulated natural environment, weathers and seasons. Economy and logistics, religion and influence will offer you additional ways to defeat your enemy. It will greatly cover daily life and culture of the time and show the impact of feudalism on society. Make sure you take good care of your villagers, or they may leave your castle!

Hellportal: Desperation

Future Dystopia – Hack' n Slay

„Desperation has infected mankind. An ancient relict however has given some humans the ability to use the energy of dreams to fight against the invaders from their nightmares. Join the fight to close the Hellportal as fierce and spirited Templar, as mystical and powerful Cultist, or as precise and clever Soldier. Each of these three classes will have three more unique subclasses and skill trees available, ranging from Arcane Mystic over Blademaster to Engineer and more.“ 

Feldfeste Games Studio


 Timeless Games.