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Castle Age:
Cultivation and Warfare

Real-Time Strategy & Build-up Simulation

Storming the Walls

Castle Age is set in the high medieval period, between 1150 and 1250, including noble houses, culture and military tactics of Latin Europe. 

As a feudal castle lord, you choose from options to win: 

– create a flourishing local economy, 

– achieve cultural hegemony,  

– assassinate your foes or 

– dominate the land with your army. 

Your banner shall remain!

You will cultivate a wild environment, produce resources and build a castle. You will make sure that your villagers have enough food and beds. Be mindful of your popularity! Beer, more foods and festivities might help! 

During battle, you choose formations, troop behaviour and start unique actions your military units. Cavalry charges, shield walls, height advantages, impact of weather on projectiles and battle morale influence the battle’s outcome. Weather, seasons and the shift of day and night will challenge even the wisest generals to seek for opportunities.
A realistic fog of war will limit your sight, so field control is important. Using counter troops to fight back enemy advances or taking the enemy by suprise are promising approaches.

Special units, like the merchant, the monk, the engineer, the captain or the assassin will allow you to interact and form your own strategy even beyond the battlefield.

The living 3d real-time world with simulated natural environment will be a beautiful stage to enjoy the art of romanesque tradition. It will be an immersive dive into a forgotten, beautiful but also dangerous age:
the Castle Age!

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