Castle Age:
Cultivation and Warfare

Real-Time Strategy & Build-up Simulation

Castle Age will be set between 1170 and 1220, at the peak of the middle ages, in the heart of Europe. As a castle lord, you must prove your will to win. You have many options: create a flourishing economy, respected cultural achievements,  murder your foes or dominate the land with your troops, to name a few at your disposal as feudal lord. Your banner, one of the many historic houses of Europe, might flutter over the enemy keep at the end!

You will cultivate a wild environment, produce resources and build a castle. You will make sure that your villagers have enough food and a roof above their head. Be mindful of your popularity! The villagers might leave you.

During battle, you will have many options, for instance formations and troop behaviour.  Use actions like charges, burning ammunition and battle morale to your advantage. Weather, seasons and the shift of day and night as well as the terrain and the fog of war will challenge you as a wise general, using your troops to counter the enemy or take them by suprise.

Special units, like the merchant, the monk, the engineer, the captain or the assassin will allow you to interact and form your own strategy even beyond the battlefield.

The living 3d real-time world with simulated natural environment will be a beautiful stage to enjoy the art of romanesque tradition. It will be an immersive dive into a forgotten, beautiful but also dangerous age:
the Castle Age!

Feldfeste Games Studio


 Timeless Games.