Hannes Ulbricht

Hannes founded in 2015 the Modding Team „Expedition to Atmora“ for TES5:Skyrim. Hannes has made board games for many years and also a broad experience in game designs and a borad professional background as well. His goal is to unleash the true potential of games for everyone.

Jani Ratanen

Jani is active as composer for many years. Since a few years he is also the department lead audio at „Expedition to Atmora„. His field of work includes  sounddesign, voice recording and implementation and musical composition. Always improving and striving for perfection as artist, he is searching for the perfect sound experience for users of the medium. 

Johnatan Van Acker

Jonathan is an enthusiastischer 3D-Artist with special preferences for Flamish Painting of the late medieval period. Also, he possesses a broad experience in games and game art, and he studied at a private game developer academy in Belgium. He is also a former department lead for 3D-Art in „Expedition to Atmora“ and contributing for many years now.

Keegan Dowdy

Keegan is a young leveldesigner looking forward to all the chances and possibilities utilizing Unreal Engine 4. He is also member of the Beyond Skyrim community since a few years.

Feldfeste Games Studio


 Timeless Games.