About us


Experiencing classic game design in board games and early computer and console games, we took the passion along our journey to discover what makes some titles „classics“ or „evergreens“. The value of a game from a very material standpoint is its replay value, its engagement with the player, its inspiration regarding society and history, but also logic and problem-solving ability. Games are fun, sports and educational. They are an elemental part of how we can improve ourselves to improve the world we live in. We believe in timeless games, which promote a rich multi-leveled user experience and are not governed by visuals or explicit topics but supported by it. A truely deep experience the player will benefit from, and enjoy.

Coming into existance

We formed from the modding scene and greatly learned by a diverse and open society of many skilled and eager individuals from all around the world. We have been working with dozens of people over the last years and now consider to take a new step, continuing our strive for proffesional products.

What you can expect from us

We are decided to work closely with our community to achieve a next level game experience that feeds from all the rich experiences our community gathered over the years. We also think that game design should not be compromitted by the premise of high earnings, but rather that real quality games will pay off in the long run by their inherent attributes and mechanics and their consistent art theme. Now, we work hard to allow you to dive into this world and share our passion!

Feldfeste Games Studio


 Timeless Games.